3 year postdoc in Aotearoa New Zealand – “Ghosts of mutualisms past?” Extinct and modern birds, truffles, sensory ecology and paleoecology!

We need a sensory ecologist/paleoecologist/behavioural ecologist/molecular ecologist who loves fieldwork, labwork, extinct and extant birds, fungi, and collaboration, to help us discover if Aotearoa’s fungi evolved to attract birds. This Marsden-funded position can be based in Auckland or Lincoln, working with a great team: Jamie Wood (@larusNZ, Manaaki Whenua/Landcare Lincoln), Anne Gaskett (Auckland University), Sarah Bury (NIWA Wellington) and Jerry Cooper (Manaaki Whenua Lincoln). Applicants must have extensive field experience, a full drivers licence, and enjoy working with diverse and inclusive teams. Applications close 28 May 2020. Email Anne or Jamie for more info.


If you are interested in a postgraduate project with me, please look at my publications and email me your CV, transcript and some information about your ideal project.

Things to consider:

  • What do you love best about the idea of doing postgrad studies?
  • What is your future dream job?
  • Do you enjoy making discoveries?
  • Are you patient with an eye for detail?
  • How much lab vs. fieldwork suits you? How long is your ideal fieldtrip? (Daytrips only? 2 weeks? 1-3 month long trips?)
  • Do you love travel or would you like all fieldwork to be in Auckland?
  • How often would you like to meet up with a supervisor – weekly? Monthly?
  • Do you love gadgets and technical stuff?
  • Do you enjoy outreach work?
  • Do you want to be part of an inclusive labgroup that champions diversity?

More tips on choosing supervisors and projects:

More about this research project here: http://www.tlri.org.nz/tlri-research/research-completed/post-school-sector/teaching-and-learning-supervision-maori-doctoral